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Children often play amusement facilities for physical and mental health

Oct. 25, 2018

Children's amusement park is more and more popular now, even the inside of the square, park, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc a corner can also build a small playground, the children laughter inside, and it buzzes.The children often play amusement facilities, what are the benefits of body and mind?

Some children like to play with rotating class facilities in particular, like a merry-go-round, swing machine, oscillation and the acceleration of the activities, to children's bone and neural activity of the body is good, to get through the nerve pathways of children, in the process of swing up and down and left and right rotation, when the child is balanced, can achieve good exercise makes the whole body, from top to bottom, the whole body feel special comfortable, as if to give the body to a thorough relaxation.

The children are playing on the swings, slides, play cars, let them feel how fast in speed, increase or decrease, get endless pleasure, when children playing naughty fort, combined slide rack and other activities, the experience of speed and passion of the collision, feel the resistance of gravity and balance activities found in the balance of the body, learn to judge their relations with the ground, forming a visual space concept, in order to establish the balance of the body.

Rotation activities: equipment has a carousel, rail train, etc.;Most of children like people holding the rotation, but there are some children are afraid of rotation, it is because his brain for the result of the rotation stimulation could not adapt.So, with fear of rotation when the children to play with amusement equipment, don't force them to play the game of rotating too fast, but should play the game of large rotating arc, slow speed of rotation, for example by orbit small train, make them regulating function of vestibular system have the opportunity to strengthen up slowly.Like children turns, can let them play the rotation more active.As for especially like rotating children, because their input to stimulate the vestibular system, inadequate response, it can let them sit on rapid rotation, so the dull vestibular system for more intense stimulation, and helps to normalize.

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