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Four Recommendations for Maintenance of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Feb. 14, 2019

It is a very good phenomenon that we get calls for outdoor fitness equipment. In order to extend the service life of outdoor fitness equipment, we should check and repair the outdoor fitness equipment in time. As a professional production of outdoor fitness equipment manufacturers.

1, regular inspection of various parts of fitness equipment

There will be screws at the connection of outdoor fitness equipment. After a period of time of use, it is possible to loose the phenomenon. Therefore, as property personnel in the community, they must regularly check the various parts of fitness equipment to avoid potential safety hazards. In the event of breakage or loosening of the screw should be timely maintenance, if it can not be handled by itself, must contact the relevant units or manufacturers for repair.

2, regular cleaning and disinfection of the community's fitness equipment

The outdoor fitness equipment in the community is a public facility, so many people touch it, so regular cleaning is very necessary. Use a piece of soft cloth and a proper amount of detergent when cleaning, and add some disinfectant when necessary, so that these fitness equipment can be effectively sterilized and cleaned.

3, fitness equipment parts to oil

The outdoor fitness equipment in the community is generally placed outdoors, and it is very likely that the wind and sun will rust. This is the need to oil it so that it can maintain its lubrication, which in turn effectively extends its service life.

4, over the safe life of fitness equipment should be scrapped for new

Outdoor fitness equipment that reaches its useful age can not only do not complete the fitness work well, but may also become a "non-time bomb" that threatens the safety of households. Therefore, it is necessary to scrap it in time and replace new fitness equipment. 

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