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Attention to the use of fitness equipment

Feb. 25, 2019

One is the stretching class. Ribbed wooden frame, horizontal bar and other laminated leg lever equipment. This kind of exercise does not advocate that older people desperately press their legs or lift their legs to pressure them. Pressing high does not mean that they are healthy. It is recommended not to overstep.

The second is twisted waist class. The old people's waist is relatively stiff, and the movement should be as slow and gentle as possible. Twisting too quickly can cause small muscles around the spine to strain, which can adversely affect the disc and may lead to disc herniation. Therefore, when doing a twisted waist movement, you must do it according to your strength. Do not distort yourself extremely, especially do not overdo it.

Third, there are aerobic equipment. Dr Hezhijian said it was quite dangerous for some elderly people to Span of 160 degrees to 180 degrees on a spacewalk, using a spacewalker as a "dynamic splitter". Because it may cause the hip ligament to relax, it can easily cause dislocation. Older people should repeat low-intensity aerobic exercises, he suggests.

Fourth, power equipment. (1) Horizontal bars. The purpose of the old people to do horizontal bars is mainly to stimulate muscles. The 60-year-old people do not have to do too fast and hard and do not have to make a 100 % effort. People with moderate symptoms of intervertebral disc herniation can do arm moderate buckling on the horizontal bar, feet on the ground, and do more than half a weight hanging, its function is equivalent to hanging traction. (2) Kick in place. Patellar softening is not suitable for the elderly.

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Attention to the use of fitness equipment