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Construction Technology of PVC Sports Floor

Mar. 26, 2019

Before laying the sports floor, you must have a detailed understanding of the sports floor construction process, because this kind of floor is used in professional sports venues. If it is not properly constructed, the quality of sports venues will not be qualified. So what are the main steps of the exercise floor construction process?

Sports floor construction process

1, there are also differences in sports floor materials, different foundations of the use of the needs of sports floor materials have a corresponding difference, so first we need to enter the ground to investigate the ground conditions. Make a detailed plan for the foundation of the stadium and the materials required.

Next, we will measure the humidity of the stadium. The indoor temperature and indoor surface temperature of the venue should be controlled at 15 °C. It is not possible to carry out sports floor construction below 5 °C and above 30 °C. The humidity of the air also has certain requirements, and its humidity is between 20 % and 75 %.

3, remove paint, glue and other residues, raised and loose land, land with empty drums must also be removed

4, with not less than 2,000 watts of industrial vacuum cleaners to clean the ground floor.

5, brush oil, must be evenly coated on the surface, for the absorption of particularly strong areas must be repeatedly painted, until the entire surface of the uniform luster prevail. The drying time is not wet and sticky until the hand touches the ground. The time varies with the temperature. It must be based on the feeling of the hand. Do not stay overnight or dry into gray;

6, after the oil treatment, you can do the flow flat operation.

Prior to self-leveling, the staff must be divided into positions, check the tools, check the self-leveling model, number and site area, determine the construction procedures and the location of special treatment according to the ground conditions.

7, since the flow is flat and dry for 8 to 12 hours, you can go to the person, but the grinding needs to be carried out 24 hours later. The grinding needs to reveal a solid surface. The concave ground and the edge of the corner are the "dead corner" sections of the grinder. Hand sandpaper must be used to grind the floating layer to a solid surface, so that the operation is improper, the stability is not enough to cause ground damage, leaving behind regret. In particular, 2mm rolls are made, and the area is even larger. The use of corner grinders to change sandpaper grinders can be polished. Metal grinders are absolutely prohibited. After the flow is polished, the ground should be closed to vacuum and the site should be kept clean. It is absolutely not allowed that the surface of the Artesian surface is contaminated with dirt, especially paint.

8, laying must be carried out in a closed site, do not allow idle people and others to enter the construction site, so as not to bring in silt, debris, and affect the quality of laying, laying group operators are only allowed to wear flat-bottom soft shoes into the site, or barefoot. Hard shoes are not allowed to enter the venue.

Exercise floor maintenance methods

1, the dust-removal work of the sports wood floor: to the sports wood floor maintenance dust-removal, do not need to be too frequent, only need to use the frequency of sports wood floor to make adjustments. Simply put, if the number of uses of wooden floors is more, then more dust removal several times, if the number of times is relatively small, then, less dust removal several times is also possible.

2, paint film maintenance: Sports wood floors will form a layer of protective film on the surface at the beginning, that is, paint film, and after a period of time, paint film will lose luster, at this time need to be polished wax to ensure its integrity. Of course, after waxing, there is still need to be wiped, if the open air sports floor also needs to pay attention to anti-riot sun, and the indoor need to pay attention to smoke prevention.

3, dirt cleaning: In the course of training or competition, it is possible to leave some traces on the sports wood floor, these traces will cause dirt on the wood floor, so it needs to be cleaned in time. And cleaning up these stains can be done with wet towels without dripping water, or with a cotton mop or a soft brush. It should be noted that when cleaning must be clean thoroughly, this is the basic requirements for the maintenance of sports wood floors.

4, the cleaning of the extension seam: This is more difficult, because if there is dirty or other dust in the extension seam, the failure to clean up in time will lead to the expansion of the extension seam, the final deformation, affecting the use. In the maintenance process of sports wood floors, to regularly check whether there is foreign body, dust, if any, timely cleaning.

Sports floor construction process? The details of the exercise floor maintenance method are introduced here. In order to use the floor for a longer service life, maintenance is necessary.

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