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How much do you know about outdoor fitness equipment?

Apr. 10, 2019

1. Twisted waist

Function: Can let waist, back muscle relax.

Tabu: Do not rotate more than 180 °.

In the middle and old people in practice waist twisting device, should pay attention to control the amplitude of twisting, slow speed, the movement should be gentle, otherwise there is the risk of pulling the waist muscle. The doctor recommends that the amplitude of twisting should not exceed 180 °, and the frequency should be controlled to complete once in 3 to 4 seconds.

2. Rambler

Function: Mainly used for exercise legs, waist, abdominal muscles and cardiopulmonary function.

Tabu: Do not swing too large.

The Rover is one of the most popular fitness equipment because many people think it is easy to play, less laborious, and it is very enjoyable to throw around. However, older people's muscles are aging and their flexibility is poor. The range of movement is limited. Once the legs swing too much and the speed is too fast, they can easily strain the muscles near the spine or cause joint wear. Some old people like to move their legs together. This is very dangerous. It is easy to be unstable. Once you miss the fall, the first injury is the back of the brain. When the elderly operate the Walker, the most suitable swing range is about 45 °, and the best frequency is 3 to 4 seconds per time.

3. Upper limb tractor

Function: It is mainly used to exercise upper limbs and shoulder and back muscles, relieve shoulder periarthritis and lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion.

Tabu: those with insufficient upper limbs can not do it.

Some elderly people are not so soft and are not suitable for playing with overly twisting fitness equipment. The slow pull of the upper limb tractor can relax the shoulder muscles. As an auxiliary treatment, it is helpful for the common shoulder periarthritis in middle-aged and elderly people. It can also play a role in preventing disc herniation. However, it is recommended that older people who are not skilled enough should not engage in this sport. To test your hand strength, you can use the ability to do a pull up as a standard. If you can't even do a pull up, it is best to choose other stretching exercises.

4. Leg pedal

Function: It is mainly used to exercise the strength of the waist and lower limbs.

Tabu: It is not appropriate for the person concerned to use a pedaling device.

Some old people often have knee joint pain, up and down the stairs feel leg and foot weakness and other symptoms, thinking that using a kick machine to exercise, can enhance leg strength. However, the elderly with the above symptoms are likely to have hip chondrosis. Originally, the weight function of the hip joint was not good. Then using a high-intensity leg pedal device, it is easy to damage the extended knee muscle group, but to aggravate the original symptoms.

5. Riding Machine

Functions: to enhance the cardiopulmonary function, improve upper limbs, waist, abdomen, legs, back muscle strength and limb coordination ability, and have a healing effect on limbs and back pain.

Tabu: the lumbar disc herniation do not touch the riding machine.

This exercise is perfect for those who are constantly suffering from cramps, neck muscles and lumbago muscles. But if the disease has developed to disc herniation, do not use such devices, because the spine absolutely can not withstand a pull of the health machine "toss."

6. Rowing

Function: It is mainly used to exercise arm strength, dorsum muscle and action coordination ability to relieve back pain.

Tabu: Do not pause between actions.

The rowing device allows the back of the body to move to the maximum extent in the process of bending and stretching, and at the same time effectively enhances the elasticity and toughness of each joint of the spine and relieves back pain. However, during practice, you must pay attention to the consistency of the action. Do not pause between each movement, and the action must be in place, otherwise the relevant muscles can not be fully exercised.

Warm tips: above is what we share today about "how much do you know about community fitness equipment operation taboos?" "The topic is shared by sharing the taboos that we should pay attention to when using these fitness equipment. According to data, because there are many types of fitness equipment, 80 % of people use the style of others to exercise, and some people practice directly according to their own ideas. Fitness equipment has its own functions. If it is not used properly, not only can the exercise value of the equipment not be reflected, but also it is very likely that the fitness will not hurt the body.

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