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How should the community fitness equipment be maintained?

Apr. 22, 2019

In recent years, we can see a lot of fitness equipment in various districts or squares, and the types of these fitness equipment are also colorful. The construction of these equipment is conducive to the physical exercise of people in the community, and it is also a playground for many children to play. However, everything needs to be maintained, and the community fitness equipment is no exception. Only good maintenance and maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the community fitness equipment. The following small editor for everyone to explain the maintenance of community fitness equipment:

First, regular cleaning and disinfection of fitness equipment in the community

The community's fitness equipment is a public facility, so many people touch it, so it is very easy to pollute it, so it is necessary to regularly clean and disinfect it. Use a piece of soft cloth and a proper amount of detergent when cleaning, and add some disinfectant when necessary, so that these fitness equipment can be effectively sterilized and cleaned.

Second, oil the components of the fitness equipment in the community

The fitness equipment in the community is generally placed outdoors. It is very likely that the wind and sun will rust. At this time, it needs to be oiled so that its lubrication can be maintained and its service life can be effectively extended.

The above is the maintenance of community fitness equipment, if you still want to know about other relevant knowledge, please look forward to the update of our website!

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