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Attention to the Use of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Jun. 24, 2019

1, community fitness equipment activity area is open free fitness equipment, please love to use.

2, Please warm up properly before using fitness equipment.

3,When using each type of fitness equipment, please read the contents of the warning card on the equipment.

4, in order to achieve safe and good exercise results, select fitness equipment suitable for different groups of people, according to the warning card, warm tips and fitness equipment classification correct use of various equipment. No accident, self-responsibility, fitness equipment classification as follows:

For children: rocking horses, children's swings, ladders, seesaw, children's swivel chairs, hanging piles;

For adults: horizontal bars, double-sided bars, leg massagers, walking machines, big wheels, Tai Chi kneading machines, waist massage machines, twisted waist devices, abdominal muscle plates, rotating wheels, sitting training devices, sitting thrusters, sitting and pulling trainers, chess tables, stretching hammers, elliptical machines, riding shoulders, Joint rehabilitation device, three-person body frame, hula bridge, five-joint leg press device, vertical sitting waist twist device.

5, Children under the age of 12 should exercise under adult care, and patients with heart disease, hypertension and other serious diseases should exercise carefully using fitness equipment, or accompanied by family members.

6, Please check the firmness of the equipment before use, and make sure it is not loose.

7, For equipment used by two or more people, each exerciser must pay attention to the safety of other exercisers.

Attention to the Use of Outdoor Fitness Equipment