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Outdoor fitness equipment use method and matters needing attention

Dec. 09, 2019

Outdoor fitness equipment, like blooming flower, decorated with modern country, for the national fitness provides the convenience of anytime and anywhere, so to guide the use of science, or to do the reverse.Both activities once, again from harm, to do the best of both worlds.

Community fitness movement in recent years suddenly walking into the life of the community, how to use the fitness equipment has become a big problem, the reason is that there is no specific community sports instructors in the community, make a lot of people fitness into the erroneous zone, not only did not improve health instead affects people's health.

Use under outdoor fitness equipment should pay attention to several aspects:

1, the man who often take part in physical exercise, to grasp the speed of physiological load of exercise, general with pulse is not more than 110 times/min, the highest must not exceed 120 times/min.Not gay or not to participate in regular physical exercise, the first thing to choose to suit their own sports.

2, must be ready before exercise activities, warm up for 10 ~ 15 minutes.Such doing can prevent twist ankle, twisting the waist and nerve damage.

3, movement to do after finishing activities.Because the person is in capillary expansion after motion, if sitting on the ground in situ don't move, the blood in the body of the distal cannot come back to the heart, heart will feel oppressed, have high blood pressure and heart disease of old comrades, to take a walk after motion, buffer 10 minutes.

4, to grasp the movement of time.Best in 40 minutes of exercise time, every time not less than 30 minutes left, right, not more than 1 hour.

Commonly used fitness equipment use

1, the treadmill: hands should hold rung, prevent falling;And should not be too large to avoid muscle strain.

2, the combination of the horizontal bar: hands clasped rung, prevent fell off and hurt.

3, rotating the healthy waist: reverse the waist to the control, the amplitude of shoulds not be too big.Hand always don't leave the handle, keep wriggled corner below 45 degrees, reverse speed slowly and evenly.

4, back massager: hard moderate, from slow to move fast.

5, seesaw, hands should hold handrails, oscillation frequency should not be too fast, too big, otherwise easy to cause osteoporosis vertebral compression fractures or coccyx.

6, space walk machine: the oscillating amplitude of avoid by all means is too large.Especially the old muscle flexibility is poor, if legs swinging amplitude is too big, too fast, easy to strain the muscles around the spine.As a result, the size of the swing leg should be around 45 °, frequency control in every 3 seconds is advisable.

7, push force trainer: hip bate disease the elderly disabled.Hip to soften the main symptom is usually always have knee pain.Such the elderly, originally the function of load of the hip joint is bad, if to pedal force exercise, and muscle group is likely to damage, thereby aggravating illness.

8, nutrilite riding training machine: intervertebral disc prominent don't touch.This sport is very suitable for those who often at his desk, neck muscles and has a strain of lumbar muscles.But if illness has developed to the intervertebral disc herniation, never use.

9, traction trainer: first trial pull-ups.If even unable to complete a pull-ups, had better not use.Hand not enough old people also had better not to do this sport.

10, twisting the waist rotator: rotating too.Twist the magnitude of not more than 180 °, slower, the movement wants gentleness, frequency control in every 3 seconds is advisable.

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Outdoor fitness equipment use method and matters needing attention