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What Is the Benefit of Judo Mat?

Feb. 06, 2018

Judo Mat use advanced PVC rubber, whole soft sponge, with net cloth in the middle. It discharge the air effectively and play the elasticity of the cotton, also reduce the damage to the PVC rubber cloth.

The flip pad, the inner core material use high density polyurethane foam, No.25 or piece of material, coat for senior PVC plus net waterproof cloth, thickness has 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, etc. It is suitable for flip, jump, roll movement and so on. It is an ideal choice for various institutions and colleges to meet the training of dance and gymnastics. 

Many Gymnastics Mat also has vent holes, which can not only effectively protect the athletes, but also keep the cotton dry, prolong the service life. The exhaust holes make it look more beautiful.

Gymnastics Mat