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What Is The Biggest Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Jan. 11, 2018

Except details and materials, what is the difference between Outdoor Table Tennis Table and indoor table tennis table? How to choose them?

1.The biggest difference is the space is different, the sun is often exposed outside, more sunlight to receive, while the exterior is often exposed to wind and rain, so the requirements of Table Tennis Table to heat resistance and cold resistance and strong corrosion resistance. Indoor table tennis table needs to be durable is ok.

2.Outdoor table tennis table is generally relatively heavy, and is fixed, indoor table tennis table is relatively light and portable, can be moved and folded. Folded Table Tennis Table used in home, can save space and facilitate movement at any time.

3.Glare. Due to outdoor sun, reflection is not so strong, so generally choose green table, indoor lighting is more, the light mapped to the ball table will be relatively harsh, so generally choose blue.

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