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How To Produce Table Tennis Table?

May. 05, 2018

When clarifying the production process of the Table Tennis Table, the relevant structure and components must be clearly understood. Next, we introduce the production of the table tennis table leg. There are two types of table legs at present: solid wood legs and high density synthetic legs. Each has its own advantages, but the latter is common in the market. The former is simple to manufacture, it uses large scale equpment to produce automately, the machien knife continuously roatetes to create different styles of table legs. The latter is produced by large scale equipment, but there are many processes. So the cost of the China Table Tennis Table leg is higher than the former. 

The long board and the short board are actually similar in shape, but they are different in length. It seems easy, but is not easy to producing. First, it is necessary to fix the dimension of the board surface with precise measuring instruments, then to make parquet, in order to make the Movable Table Tennis Table assembled and matched sucessfully. So all are the key steps.

China Table Tennis Table