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The main production technology of outdoor fitness equipment

Aug. 20, 2019

As our lives progressed, we began to work on fitness. Whether it is in the community, or on the square are equipped with fitness equipment, whether the elderly or children often go to exercise and play, it can improve physical fitness. Although we all know about these fitness equipment, we do not know much about the production process of outdoor fitness equipment. So today we're going to talk about the process of manufacturing the equipment.
1, machine tool processing: The company has advanced production equipment plasma cutting machines, shears, bending machines, punch machines, lathes, drilling machines, carrying machines, etc.. The advantages of the equipment accurate the size, beauty and integrity of each product. degree.
Welding: The welding of the company's products uses carbon dioxide protection welding. The advantage is that the welding surface has a large area and the deformation is not easy to start with the tendency of stomata and bite edges, thus ensuring the firmness of the equipment connection.
3, polishing: Each product before the rust is polished to remove burrs, welding tumors, such as outdoor fitness equipment to show smooth and smooth improve the beauty of the product.
4, rust removal: the company adopts the method of ball-throwing rust removal for outdoor fitness equipment surface rust force is large, the area is wide, better and more comprehensive to remove rust powder for the follow-up process laid the foundation for adhesion.
Spraying molding: the color of the products used by the company is electrostatic spraying molding treatment, the advantage is strong adsorption capacity, small environmental pollution: the product's surface color lasting no leg color.
Assembly: The assembly of equipment is directly affected by the use of the product, the company has established the relevant regulations for the final product inspection of each product to carry out strict acceptance effective to ensure the quality of the product.
Packaging: In order to ensure the beauty of the product, the company's outdoor fitness equipment is assembled and double-packed so that the paint surface of the equipment will not be seriously damaged during transportation.
Although the use of outdoor fitness equipment is very simple, we must also pay attention to it, especially the exercise of the elderly, the suggestion is to have a full understanding of certain equipment before exercise, some equipment is not suitable for the frail elderly use. Do a warm-up exercise to prevent yourself from getting hurt while using the equipment. Of course, you should know more about some of the things you use.

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