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What are the characteristics of outdoor fitness equipment?

Sep. 03, 2019

What are the characteristics of outdoor fitness equipment?

Outdoor fitness equipment is an outdoor fitness equipment for exercise. There are many kinds of outdoor fitness equipment, including strength, bounce, flexibility, endurance, etc., and outdoor fitness equipment has been exposed to the wind and rain for many years, which puts forward high requirements for its quality., Outdoor fitness equipment is not only required to have good anti-loosening, waterproof performance, but also anti-theft, its surface quality requirements are also high, can not appear paint, rust and other phenomena. But at the same time, remind everyone to use outdoor fitness equipment to master the time is not greedy. In general, the Zui time is better at about 40 minutes, not less than 30 minutes, and not more than 1 hour. At the same time, pay attention to the amount of water in the exercise process. In addition, old or weak people, when exercising too fast and too fierce, there is no need to make efforts.

Maintenance of basketball frame

The connection of the basketball frame is checked twice a year, and the degree of rust and firmness of the welding site. Unusual phenomena such as looseness and rust should be repaired and preserved in time. To ensure the stability of the basketball frame.

Neutral detergent should be used to clean the surface of the basketball frame so as not to damage the surface of the basketball frame.

The development of outdoor fitness equipment has also withstood the test. It is widely used in parks, squares, residential areas, schools and other occasions to facilitate the exercise of men, women and children.

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