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Attention to children's slide design

Oct. 14, 2019

In the process of designing children's slides, it is first necessary to consider the children's feelings. Generally, children are relatively young and not tall, so they need to be safe during the play process. Secondly, it also needs its height. When designing, try to design a place where adults can reach out, so that the adults next to the children can also supervise when playing. This is mainly to prevent dangerous situations from happening.

At the time of production, it is necessary to pay attention to the materials used by children's slides. Children's slides are divided into materials. There are plastic slides, steel slides and projection slides. At present, the market is mainly engineering plastics. Slider material. In addition, the plastic products that are required to be selected are products that have no natural side effects on the human body. When children are playing, they do not have to worry about the impact of this plastic on our health.

In addition, the shape of children's slides is also varied, what single slide, double slide, spiral slide, roller slide, open slide. To choose different styles at different ages, it is easy for children who are too young.

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Attention to children's slide design