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Exercise Function of Several Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Nov. 13, 2019

Nowadays, the use of outdoor fitness equipment has gradually become the mainstream of exercise, almost people of all ages can choose several appropriate equipment for reasonable use. However, some people often do not know what their choice of fitness equipment is, what benefit to the body, they freely exercise, especially the body is already in trouble people, very easy to appear strain and other injuries. So, let's talk about how the exercise function of several devices is good for you.

1. Sitting training device for outdoor fitness equipment: Enhancing lower extremity strength and improving the stability of knees and ankles. To lower extremity flexor disorder, muscle atrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica neuralgia, ankle joint sprain and so have therapeutic and convalescent effect.

2. Leg massager: Massage lower extremity muscles, enhance leg flexibility, and achieve the effect of relaxing blood.

3. Seat massager: can exercise back and waist muscles, eliminate human fatigue, improve blood circulation to regulate the human nervous system, often practice can improve sleep.

4. Three-person leg press: It can exercise the human leg muscles and enhance the resilience and flexibility of the human body.

5. The double wave plate of outdoor fitness equipment can: enhance the strength of the extraabdominal oblique muscles and waist flexibility, and move the lumbar joints and lower limbs meridians.

6. Rambler: mainly enhances cardiopulmonary function and lower extremity, waist muscle strength; Improve lower extremity flexibility and coordination ability; Improve the stability of lower extremity joints. To the waist muscle strain, the hip joint soreness, the lower extremity movement disorder, the muscle weakness, the muscle atrophy has the rehabilitation effect.

7. Shoulder movement device: Enhance the strength of the shoulder band muscle group, improve the flexibility and flexibility of the shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist joint. The rehabilitation effect was remarkable for periarthritis, functional impairment of elbow joint, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow and old injury.

8. Outdoor fitness equipment fitness vehicle: can exercise waist flexibility, enhance leg muscle strength, enhance physical fitness.

9. Treadmill: Main exercise lower extremity muscle strength, enhance heart and lung function.

10. Wave board: The main exercise waist muscle group, enhance the coordination and flexibility of the body, suitable for people of all ages.

People with less physical fitness, the elderly, and children who use outdoor exercise equipment must know which equipment they can use. When using equipment, they must choose the correct exercise method according to their physical fitness. Of course, the time of exercise must be controlled, so as to ensure personal safety, to achieve good results.

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Exercise Function of Several Outdoor Fitness Equipment