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How to use a treadmill?

May. 11, 2020

Whether the running posture is correct or not directly affects the fitness effect, then, how to use the treadmill? 

1. landing buffer, there are many people running on the treadmill, the feet to the ground to the Middle Foot first landing. This is about the ankle, knee a maintenance, to avoid periostitis attack. 

2. Swing your arms naturally. We swing our arms naturally while running. When you swing your arms, just remember to keep your elbows in front of you and your hands behind you, and swing naturally with your feet. 

3. Hold your head up high, and when you run on a treadmill, keep your head up high, which helps the body's breathing and circulation, as well as establishing a normal state. 

4. Breathe rhythmically, and when you run on the treadmill, breath rhythmically, which helps relieve the fatigue that comes with running. 

5. Control your heart rate. The treadmill monitors your heart rate during exercise and adjusts it appropriately in a way that outdoor activities can not. So when you run on a treadmill, be sure to watch your heart rate. 

6. feet relaxed, running on the treadmill, to pay attention to the feet to relax, do not tighten toes, feet raised to 10 cm off the ground can be put down repeatedly. When the ball of the foot hits the ground, the forefoot should not push too hard to avoid the formation of calf muscles.

How to use a treadmill?