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Outdoor fitness equipment process

May. 29, 2020

1, Outdoor fitness equipment-material selection; material selection; the company's choice of high-quality steel, better ensure the quality of products and product safety, extended the use of devices. 

2, Outdoor fitness equipment-machine processing; the company has advanced production equipment plasma cutting, shearing machine, bending machine, punch, lathe, drilling machine, loading machine, etc. , the advantage of the device is the precision of each product size, beauty and integrity. 

3, Outdoor fitness equipment-welding; the company's products are welded using carbon dioxide protection welding, the advantages of large welding area, small deformation is not easy to tend to the tendency of blowhole and undercut, and then ensure that the device connected firmly. 

4, Outdoor fitness equipment-grinding; each outdoor fitness equipment products in the rust before being polished to remove the Burr, solder warts and so on to make the device show smooth and improve the beauty of products. 

5, Outdoor fitness equipment-rust: The company chose the method of shot blasting rust on the surface of the device impact of rust, a wider area better and more comprehensive removal of rust for the follow-up process of plastic powder adhesion to lay the foundation. 

6, Outdoor fitness equipment-spray; product color treatment companies choose to electrostatic spray treatment, outdoor fitness equipment is strong adsorption capacity, small pollution to the environment; product surface color lasting leg color. 

7, Outdoor fitness equipment-assembly; the assembly of the equipment directly affects the use of the product, the company has drawn up the outdoor fitness equipment product inspection related regulations to each product strict acceptance useful to ensure the quality of the product. 

8, Outdoor fitness equipment-packaging; to ensure the beauty of the product each outdoor fitness device is assembled in a double layer of packaging and the paint on the device is not seriously damaged during shipping.