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Sports and fitness equipment should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance

Jul. 16, 2020

Fitness equipment needs to be properly maintained to last longer and is safer to use, to avoid hazards during exercise, and to reduce the cost of maintenance, it is necessary to maintain the sports equipment.

How to maintain your exercise equipment?

Dynamic equipment

In the exercise, entertainment process along with the human body movement moving equipment, known as dynamic sports equipment, such as stepper, twisting waist, Space Walker, etc.

A few points to note when maintaining this type of equipment:

  1. Sports parts of the oil in outdoor fitness equipment, used in oil lubrication more, and most of the state is fully sealed. This type of Equipment is recommended to be oiled once a year for maintenance. Here to point out that outdoor equipment is not suitable for thin (machine) oil lubrication.

  2. The movement clearance of the moving parts and the movement clearance of the moving parts of the fitness equipment are generally designed as 0.001 ~ 0.002 times of the diameter of the rotating shaft. If the gap is too small, it is easy to jam when the motion produces heat. If the gap is too large, it is easy to produce vibration and damage the parts. General fitness equipment in maintenance should check the movement of the movement of parts clearance, because the use of long time or high frequency of excessive movement clearance, should immediately replace the relevant parts and components, or notify the manufacturer.

  3. Loose fasteners; loose fasteners with loose-proof structure are generally used in outdoor fitness equipment, but there are also some equipment installed without loose-proof structure of the fastener, users should raise such cases with relevant manufacturers in a timely manner. Fastener loose structure can be divided into removable loose structure, one-time loose structure, before maintenance should be divided into these two structures.

  4. Anti-rust and corrosion; community fitness equipment is generally installed in the outdoor use, so should be conducted once a year anti-rust maintenance. In the anti-rust maintenance process, should pay attention to the original equipment on the paint after the Polish can be refreshed paint. In addition, according to the characteristics of dynamic equipment, in the moving parts around should do a good job of cleaning to oil, to ensure the paint and equipment bond strength.

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