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How to use the back massager outdoor fitness equipment?

Jun. 19, 2020

Back massager is a kind of common outdoor fitness equipment, can exercise the waist and back muscles, in order to alleviate the waist back fatigue, at the same time can massage two people together. A massage back, a massage waist, massage waist, waist should be close to the massage column, both hands hold the handrails, up and down the massage column activities, remember not to move your hands too fast, to prevent muscle strain. To massage the back, stand steadily with both feet in horse step, lean back against two rows of massage Poles, hold the handrails with both hands, and move your body from side to side, then you can have the effect of massaging the back. Before massaging the back, make sure the equipment is intact, to ensure their own personal safety, if you want to know more please continue to pay attention to our explanation.

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How to use the back massager outdoor fitness equipment?