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Specification for installation and use of outdoor fitness equipment products

Mar. 02, 2021

When it comes to outdoor fitness equipment don't know how many you know?When we use the outdoor fitness equipment should pay attention to have a lot of, the following is a brief introduction for you by our staff.
1. Outdoor fitness equipment and the horizontal distance of overhead high and low voltage cables should not be less than 3 metres.
2. Outdoor fitness equipment from underground pipes, underground lines on the edge of the horizontal distance should not be less than 2 meters, the distance from all kinds of office buildings, residential buildings should not be less than 5 meters.
3. The use of outdoor fitness equipment at night 2 meters within the scope of the light source can't be too weak.
4. The outdoor fitness equipment should stay away from flammable, explosive and poisonous and harmful goods do not conform to the national standard.
5. Buried outdoor fitness equipment column should be firmly fixed horizontal support plate.
6. Installation of outdoor fitness equipment, soil within the 800 mm depth from the surface, fastening coefficient should be not less than 0.7 more than 2 kinds of ordinary and not loose and silty loam geological structure of a class, or not installed.
7. Outdoor fitness equipment should pay attention to the pillar of the buried depth, when the equipment is greater than 2000 mm high, should not be less than 500 mm, when for 1000 mm to 2000 mm, should not be less than 400 mm, when less than 1000 mm, should be not less than 100 mm of concrete support layer.
8. Outdoor fitness equipment the level of the support column concrete foundation pit size should not be less than 400 mm * 400 mm, and should not be on a concrete foundation disposal for small shape.
9. Outdoor fitness equipment of concrete strength should be not less than C20, and in front of the foundation not completely frozen, specialist care.
10. Outdoor fitness equipment installation, the support column and vertical main body should ensure that the mounting floor, the perpendicularity tolerance should not be more than 1/100.
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