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Do You Know How to Choose A Dance Gym Mat?

May. 10, 2018

Choose a good Dance Gym Mat, the first is the material, followed by thickness, slip resistance and length and width, shock resistance, can well protect the dancer's body function.

In terms of material, Dance Gym Mat is a hard mattress, and sponge is a soft mattress. The main difference between the two is the breathability and hardness. The mat is made of plant silk, with many mesh holes, breathability, and good support. Hard, sponge made of wood cellulose fibers or foamed plastic polymers, absorbent, airtight. Ordinary sponges are soft and poorly supported. The hard sponges are soft and supportive. The contrast between the two is that the mat is most suitable. If the sponge mat is to be used, it is recommended to use a thickness of 2 cm or 4 cm. It is not easy to be too thick or soft. support.

Good Dance Gym Mat can play anti-skid and anti-seismic functions. During the selection process, we should choose the appropriate mat according to the requirements. We also have the same kind of Gymnastics Mat, Welcome to contact us!

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