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How to Use the Combination Fitness Equipment?

May. 14, 2018

1.Air Walker and Elliptical Cross Trainer

Method: Hold the armrests with both hands and stand on the pedals with your feet apart for jogging or walking.

Note: Both hands should grip the bar to prevent it from falling; the swinging of the legs should not be too large to avoid muscle strain.

2.Combination horizontal bar

Method: The person jumps up, his hands are holding the bar, doing chin-ups or hanging legs.

Note: Hold the bar with both hands to prevent falling injury.

3.Balance roller

Method: Hold the bar with both hands, stand on the roller with your feet, and slowly turn the roller forward or backward with your feet.

With Combination Fitness Equipment, notice that the movement starts slowly and then gradually increases. We have high quality combination fitness equipment, welcome to contact us!

Combination Fitness Equipment