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JA-H020 Air walker

Combination Fitness Equipment

JA-H020 Air walker


Dimensions: 2890*825*2000mm;

Color: Customized;

Material: High Quality Steel;

Pipe Size: Main Pipe: 89mm&3mm;

            Bends Pipe of the main frame: 89mm&3mm, the junction pipe between bends and main pipe: 76mm&3mm;

            The Pipe Between Bends Tube and Main Tube: 76mm&3mm;

            Swing Pipe: 60mm&3mm, the distance between swing tube and main Pipe more than 60mm;

            Handrail pipe: 32mm&2.5mm; The distance between handrail and ground is 1040mm.

Function: Improve body coordination, balance and aerobic capacity;

Usage: Clenching the handrail with two hands, pedaling on the pedals, and leaning the upper body forward, with a slightly bend of the legs then moving the legs as walking. Fast moving is not suitable.

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