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JA-5304 Combined Training

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

JA-5304 Combined Training




Main Tube:Normal Steel/Galvanized Steel


Fasteners:Bolts, Nuts: Stainless steel 304           

Function:The Air walker: Improve body coordination, balance and aerobic capacity.The body rider: Exercise the arm muscles and leg muscles; improve the function of heart and lung and the coordination of body.

           The web board: Strengthen the strength and the flexibility of the abdominal muscles and back muscles.

Use:The Air walker: Clenching the horizontal bar with two hands, pedaling on the pedals, and leaning the upper body forward, with a slightly bend of the legs then moving the legs as walking. Fast moving is not suitable.

      The body rider: Sitting on the seat, clenching the horizontal bar firmly, Pedal the pedals, and trying best to pull the bar horizontally. Keep exercising repeatedly.

      The web board: Lying on the equipment, hooking the ‎Horizontal bar firmly with foot ( the horizontal bar can be top bar, middle bar or lower bar which determined by the user’s physical condition ), folding hands behind the head and trying best to sit up with the strength of abdominal muscles then lay down slowly, exercise in this way repeatedly.

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