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JA-H140  The rider

Combination Fitness Equipment

JA-H140 The rider


Dimensions: 2000*1245*2000mm;

Color: Customized;

Material: High Quality Steel;

Pipe Size: Main Pipe: 89mm&3mm;

            Seat Plate Pipe:48mm&3mm;

            The Column Pipe of the Main Frame:114mm&3mm;

            Upper Limit Pipe and Main Pipe:114mm&3mm;

            Handrail Pipe and Pedal Horizontal Pipe: 48mm&3mm;            

            The Junction Pipe between Seat Plate and Column Pipe: 60*30*2cm;

Seat plate: 4mm thickness steel plate pressing and has slip-resistant measures

Function: Strength heart and lung function, improve the upper limbs, waist, abdomen, legs, back muscle strength and limbs coordination..

Usage: Sitting on the seat with both hands clenched handle, two feet on the pedal, feet pedal down, while the hands pull back.

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